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We Are Coming


Who We Are

Thrijv designs and builds regenerative, accessible and scalable homes, technologies and lifestyle solutions.

Come back soon to select and order a pre-configured or customized Loop, Thrijv's biophilic, off-grid, modular and scalable home. Loop requires low or no onsite construction, starts with 216 sqft modules and can scale to over 2,000 sqft, can grow food indoors year round, recycle and create water, and is built with natural, sustainable, no-VOC materials.

Just as exciting as Loop, every household technology built for Loop will be available for individual purchase right here. From the world's lowest carbon footprint and lightest solar panels, to gray water recycling systems, to micro wind turbines for personal, residential and commercial use and modular vertical garden walls to grow food year round, our e-commerce pages will be stacked with leading-edge sustainability and regenerative technologies for your existing home, office or school.

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