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Loop 1

At 795 sqft, Loop 1 has the heart and soul of a tiny home with more head space and foot space, full size appliances and all the tools needed to live off-grid. Loop 1, 2 and 3 include indoor vertical garden space for growing food year round, gray water recycling, a solar backup system and more.

With a master bedroom and 3/4 bath, an eat-in kitchen with dining room for 5, a spacious living room and efficient storage space, Loop 1 provides ample room for 2 people to live comfortably. Panoramic wraparound windows and inviting deck space connect inhabitants to nature regardless of being indoors or out.

Thinking your family might grow in size in the future? Thrijv has you covered! All Loop builds can expand as your family does by adding an additional module at any time. Select Loop 1 now to fit your budget knowing it will fit your family for years to come.

Speak with a Thrijv Team Member to find out if Loop 1 is right for you.

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Explore one of Thrijv's other Loop homes.

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Still Looking for Something Different?

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Contact our Absolute Bespoke Team for a personalized, white-glove, no-compromise approach to designing your custom Loop home. 

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